Trident Coin Holder

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Trident Wood Carving made as a Coin Holder

  • Coin Holder has 9 Lines Notched to Hold Approximately 40 Coins (Depending on Coin Size)
  • Coin Holder made of Solid Oak with a Red Chestnut Finish
  • Trident Mounted on an Angle to Display Coins
  • Trident Details are Laser Engraved 
  • Trident 18" Wide Wingspan and 9 1/2" Height
  • Coin Holder 3 1/2" Height and Base Width 4 3/4"
  • Coin Slots 1/4" Width
  • *Due to the nature of natural wood, color will vary and each piece is unique*
  • *The Nine Line symbolizes patriotism, hope and the trust in one another to be there in the worst of times.*
  • ***Coins Not Included***
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